Find your ring size

How to find your ring size 📏

Measure your finger
Take a piece of string, wrap it around your finger, then measure the piece of string to get the circumference of your finger. Use the table below to find the corresponding size in diameter.

Measure your ring
Take a ruler and measure the inside diameter of your ring.

Circumference Inside Diameter US UK EU Italy
48 mm 15 mm 5 J 48 8
51 mm 16 mm 6 L 51 11
54 mm 17 mm 7 N 54 14
57 mm 18 mm 8 P 57 17
60 mm 19 mm 9 R 60 20


Can't find your size? I'm looking to expand the size range in the future, so if you're interested please submit your desired ring size via the contact form below, and I will try to include it in future designs. 

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