Jewelry Care Guide

PVD Plated Jewelry

What is PVD plating?

PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) plating is a modern, high-end technique for plating metals with a layer of precious metal. This plating technique is much more durable than regular plating, which means you can enjoy your PVD plated pieces for a much longer time, especially with the right care. In short, these are some of the advantages of PVD plated jewelry:

    • Water resistant
    • Does not fade when exposed to sunlight
    • More resistant to scratching
    • No environmental pollution - regular plating releases cyanide into the environment, PVD plating does not.

Care tips

PVD plated jewery is much more durable than regular plated jewelry, but it's not indestructible. Give your pieces a little love and care to enjoy them for a long time.

    • Store your jewelry in a soft, lint-free or plastic pouch, or a lined jewelry box.
    • Keep away from moisture and chemicals, and apply cosmetics before putting on your jewelry.
    • Take off your pieces before washing your hands, showering, swimming, excercising or going to bed.
    • Avoid scratching - keep your jewelry away from hard or abrasive surfaces.
    • When cleaning your jewelry, rinse with some lukewarm water and dry immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth. Don't soak in water.